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Monday, August 1, 2005
Macworld Reviews BreakQuest
10:08 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

The Macworld Game Room has posted a review of BreakQuest, a game based on the brick bashing concept popularized by classic titles like Breakout. To set itself apart from the many pretenders to the throne, BreakQuest makes use of physics and a variety of on screen obstacles. The ever popular "power ups" are in place as well.

Developed originally for the PC by Nurium Games and converted to Mac OS X by Red Marble Games, BreakQuest takes the brickbashing concept in a new direction by applying physical rules and principals to game play across each of the 100 levels. Bricks can be different shapes and sizes, and levels can feature springs, dampers and bumpers that will change how the ball reacts. What's more, BreakQuest ties in the Arkanoid-inspired idea of powerups that imbue you with special abilities - multiballs, for example, or laser beams that you can use to disintegrate bricks that are on screen. Some are "powerdowns," for all intents and purposes -- yummies that might speed up the ball, for example, or shrink the width of your paddle. Either way, it's additional challenge.
Earning four mice from Macworld's Peter Cohen, BreakQuest may be a good game to try for both nostalgic gamers and those wishing to test their reflexes. Click on the links below to find out more. The latest version of BreakQuest can be found at Macgamefiles.com

Macworld Game Room: BreakQuest
Red Marble Games
BreakQuest 1.0.3

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